Variances / Relief Granted:

  • Code says 11 units to the acre.
  • Height – no more than 2 ½ stories or 30’
  • Front yard set back minimum: 20’
  • Rear yard set back minimum: 25’
  • Side yard set back minimum: 20’ each side
  • Tandem parking not permitted
  • Required one loading space

What builder got:

  • Builder should have built 8 town houses on his ¾ acre site as of right, the board granted 3x the density and allowed 24 units to be built
  • Allowed 3 ½ stories (36 feet)
  • Front yard received  12’ set back
  • Rear yard received 10’ set back
  • One side received 6’ set back, other side received 10’ set back
  • Builder received tandem parking, no loading space provided

The average sale price of units: $450,000

Extra revenue to the builder: $7,200,000


Total paid for all the incentives granted and Parkland Fund: $109,063

As per code, builder  should have paid $10,000 per unit for Parkland Fund.


Parkland Fund due to the village: $240,000

Builder paid: $59,063

Lost Revenue to the Village: $180,937

For all the incentives granted, the builder made one time payment: $50,000

To view the Board’s vote and decisions on this application, please download PDF below.

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